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Personalised medicine for coronary heart disease

EU-funded CoroPrevention project aims to discover long-term behaviour changes and lifestyle improvements as well as medications needed by individual patients with coronary heart disease to prevent another cardiovascular event.

The project’s objective is to significantly reduce premature deaths and severe disabilities in patients with coronary heart disease in Europe. The CoroPrevention project studies 12,000 patients from six EU countries.

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Cardiovascular diseases cost €210 billion a year

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for 47% of deaths in women and 39% of deaths in men worldwide. CVDs cost the EU more than €210 billion a year, a sum expected to escalate with an ageing population and the cost of novel therapies.

We estimate that the CoroPrevention programme will reduce the cardiovascular event rate by 25% in high-risk patients – with annual savings of tens of billions of euros to the EU.

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Latest news & events

21 Jun 2023, 15:49
Study Start up and Enrollment Update
Exciting news from Finland!
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17 Apr 2023, 15:23
CoroPrevention at EAPC 2023
CoroPrevention was presented at EAPC 2023 in Malaga, Spain
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2 Sept 2022, 15:44
CoroPrevention at ESC2022 in Barcelona
This year, CoroPrevention had a marked presence at the European Society of Cardiology 2022 Congress, the world’s largest…
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