Instructions for use - Dashboard

In accordance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), instructions for use for the CoroPrevention Dashboard will be supplied on this page. Aside from information about the product (name/trademark, product ID) and the manufacturer (name, address, contact information), information about the following is provided:

  • intended purpose;
  • indications and contra-indications;
  • patient target group and intended users;
  • specification of the clinical benefit to be expected;
  • availability of the summary of safety and clinical performance (high-risk devices);
  • the device's performance characteristics;
  • specifications which are required for appropriate use of the device;
  • sterilization, final assembly, calibration, cleaning and disinfection;
  • necessary qualifications for users;
  • any reconditioning procedures;
  • storage, transport, durability;
  • combination with other devices, including accessories;
  • maintenance and repair;
  • symbols and identification colors.