CoroPrevention trial

The main method of this project is the CoroPrevention Trial that allows us to prospectively evaluate the personalized prevention program in coronary heart disease (CHD) in a randomized fashion.

The actual trial can be separated into three subsequent blocks; risk stratification and randomization, actual prospective trial as well as data evaluation and dissemination. 

CoroPrevention trial flow chart (in the picture) shows origin of CHD patients, design of the trial and evaluation and dissemination activities.

Clinical center selection and organization

Clinical centers were selected based on a survey on secondary prevention programs conducted by ESC. Furthermore, a wide European dimension was ensured. Therefore, the following countries were selected: Finland, Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany and Portugal.

12 000 screened patients in two years

For each selected country, we have set a target to screen 2000 CHD patients with the CoroPredict test during the two years dedicated for patient recruitment and randomize 170 high-risk patients in the three-year intervention comparing personalized care to standard care.

High risk patients will be identified based on biomarker screening

We expect that 15-20% of all consented patients will fulfill the high risk criteria of the CoroPredict biomarker score. Therefore 1000 patients will be randomized both in the usual care and personalized prevention program arm of the trial.

List of randomized clinical trial (RCT) sites

# RCT site PI
1 Oulu University Hospital Janne Hukkanen
2 Kuopio University Hospital Juha Hartikainen
3 North Karelia Central Hospital, Joensuu Tuomas Rissanen

Helsinki University Hospital

Juha Sinisalo
4 Mehiläinen Hospital, Helsinki Kristina Hotakainen
5 University of Bialystok Karol Kamiński
6 Nicolaus Copernicus University, Bydgoszcz Aldona Kubica
7 Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw Rafał Dąbrowski
8 University of Lublin Andrzej Wysokiński
9 Medical University of Silesia, Katowice Zbigniew Gąsior
10 Jagiellonian University Medical College Piotr Jankowski
11 University Hospital Leipzig Ulric Laufs
12 Heidelberg University Winfried März
13 The Rechts der Isar Hospital, Munich Martin Halle
14 University of Verona Giovanni Targher
15 University Hospital Turin Gaetano De Ferrari
16 University Hospital Genova Italo Porto
17 Casilino Hospital Rome Roberta Della Bona
18 Hospital Santa Maria / Medical School-University of Lisbon Ana Abreu
18 Hospital do Espírito Santo, Évora, Lisbon Lino Patricio
19 Konstantopoulio General Hospital Patsilinakos Sotrios
20 Sismanoglion General Hospital Dimitrios Sionis
20 Hellenic Red Cross General Hospital Apostolos Katsivas / Lazaris Efstathios